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Accounting and tax laws are complex. We understand that as you work your way to the top, your financial needs may grow more complicated than what your part-time bookkeeper can handle. But, you’re still not ready for a full-time CPA. That’s when our firm can step in with outsourced CFO services to set up a system that will work for your business. We answer questions you may not even know to ask and make it simple to get the information you need. We’ll work with you to develop, re-develop, refine or design an accounting method you can use for years down the road.


A strong and solid financial accounting system helps you:

  • Save money on your tax bill
  • Track the progress of your business and scale it for expansion
  • Keep your trust or limited liability from being penetrated
  • Prevent embezzlement
  • Obtain financing

our services

We’re here to guide you and to provide the level and variety of service that you need, when you need it. We work with you to make strategic decisions, rectify existing issues, save taxes, maximize cash flow, obtain financing and avoid potential litigation.

Since we offer packaged services upfront with complete price transparency, there are no billing surprises. Our bundled packages allow you to coordinate between a bookkeeper, CPA, insurance rep, payroll company, CFO and TPA whenever you have a question or issue.