March 6, 2018
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Going with the Cash Flow

Accurately predicting cash flow can help you find your wave of success. Cash flow can be one of the most stressful parts to being an entrepreneur. Can I pay my staff? How will I order more inventory? When can I pay myself? The answer to these questions lies in being able to predict future cash flows. When this is done […]
January 27, 2015
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Best Practices for Vendor Management

There are 2 ways to make more profit: Increase Top Line Revenue and/or Reduce/Manage Costs & Expenses – Are you managing your Vendors? Are you paying the vendor according to the quote? Are you being billed according to the terms set forth in your procurement contract? With Automated Payables Management, all of the documents related to the vendor are saved […]
November 21, 2014
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Part II – Redirecting Your AZ Tax Dollars – Public Schools, Charitable Organizations

Arizona has several helpful tax credits where you can redirect your tax dollars to honorable causes. By making donations to private schools, public schools, qualifying charitable organizations, and qualifying foster care charitable organizations, you can offset your Arizona tax liability. See the below graph to see the updates for 2014. *The Qualifying Charitable Org. (QCO) and Qualifying Foster Care Charitable […]
November 12, 2014
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Redirect Your AZ Tax Dollars – Make an Impact

eeCPA’s primary goal is to offer the highest level of service to our clients as individuals, family members and business owners and help them in every instance that’s within our means. We work towards constantly updating and educating our clients on the latest tax benefits. We also strive to create a tight-knit community here in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix […]