3 Important Factors When Choosing a CPA


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CPA Choices – pt 1

Firm values and goals are critical to the success of all businesses. Values define who you are as a company and goals define where you are going. Without these guiding principles, it is unclear what the intentions of your business are. Perhaps your business is rolling out an exciting new product or marketing campaign. However, if your team is not aware or on the same page, your efforts may fizzle out! Values and goals must be created and clearly defined in order to shape the culture and decisions of your business. This will also create focus and traction throughout the organization leading to success.


Stay Cultured!

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Company culture – a factor largely created by the values of the firm. Certainly, personalities and the working environment play a role in company culture as well. However, with a clearly defined system of company values, the attitudes and intentions of each and every team member should be in alignment. This alignment creates a unified work force driven to provide a high quality product or customer experience in that firm’s unique style. Here at eeCPA our team is dead-set on dazzling our clients. That is to go above-and-beyond to provide our clients with both the best product and the best customer experience as well. Our team has committed to this as a value and as a result has been able to translate this dream into a reality on a consistent basis for our clients!


Value Your Choice


A clearly defined value system also helps companies and entrepreneurs make those challenging business decisions that inevitably arise. Hiring practices are a perfect example when value based decision-making comes into play. For example, at eeCPA we have “Committed” as a company value (therefore when weighing the merits of a potential new hire, we prefer those candidates who express an interest in working with us long-term). A candidate who is only interested in a short stint with our company will not be committed to achieving our goals, pleasing our clients, and ultimately our company. This value goes well beyond hiring practices but can demonstrate how considering the values of a company can streamline what may seem like a difficult choice.


Goal Setting!

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Company goal setting is also crucial to driving the success of your business. Establishing goals with your team will determine the direction your company will take and create focus throughout the organization. If sales and growth is the goal, your team should focus their collective efforts in that area. This is the best way to drive home the result. A unified workforce will create traction throughout the organization and begin to build momentum towards making your company dreams a reality!

Establishing company values and goals is often the first step in taking your business to the next level. The challenge of expansion is one of the most exciting opportunities faced by entrepreneurs. We enjoy the opportunity to grow alongside entrepreneurs and their expanding businesses. Implement these best practices and allow us to worry about the minutiae as you take your business to new heights!


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