Redirect Your AZ Tax Dollars – Make an Impact

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eeCPA’s primary goal is to offer the highest level of service to our clients as individuals, family members and business owners and help them in every instance that’s within our means. We work towards constantly updating and educating our clients on the latest tax benefits. We also strive to create a tight-knit community here in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area in which we refer clients to each other within our network, promoting mutually beneficial relationships! The Arizona School Tax Credit in particular is a perfect opportunity for us to not only positively impact our eeCPA taxpayers but also assist our clients with children enrolled in private schools.

Arizona has three unique credits available to individuals and families who donate to Arizona schools. Two of those credits come from donations to a qualified school tuition organization (abbreviated as STO throughout this article) for scholarships to private schools. A taxpayer can donate to private schools (AZ Forms 323 and 348) and receive a tax credit up to a maximum amount of $2,519 for Single filers and $5,035 for Married Filing Joint filers. If the donation is made before 12/31/2021, this payment is also eligible for deduction on their federal tax return.

In order to take advantage of this private school tax credit, the best organization we found for our clients is the Arizona Tuition Connection. The Arizona Tuition Connection was founded just over a year ago by five parents who dealt with several nagging issues in other STOs programs. We recently met with Tim Kuhn, manager and one of the founders of Arizona Tuition Connection, and were impressed by his contagious passion to resolve these issues and better serve the community. His team seeks to make the tuition donation process simple and accessible for all. With a donation to the Arizona Tuition Connection, you are allowed to elect the student who will receive your tuition donation. The Arizona Tuition Connection supports every eligible private school and is not affiliated to any one institution. Their Core Values include: Honor God in all we do and Give the people we come in contact with more than they expect. After speaking with our clients on their experiences and speaking with Tim, they truly deliver on their promises! The team at Arizona Tuition Connection is extremely knowledgeable on all details of the tax credit and are admirably proactive in their outreach to families and schools.

One of our valued clients has used Arizona Tuition Connection since the last school year. Before committing to filling out the application for his son at Arizona Tuition Connection, he researched several STO programs. He eventually chose Arizona Tuition Connection because it was easy-to-use, had a broad base of schools to choose from, and accepted credit cards for donations. After completing an extremely simple application, he found that the team at Arizona Tuition Connection was very helpful and they even provided the verbiage to use with family and friends in order to encourage donations.

As you’re searching for a great way to make a meaningful donation before the end of the year, familiarize yourself with all the great information and resources available on Arizona Tuition Connection website. Once you decide who you’d like to elect to receive your donation, if any student, click on the Donate Here link. If you do not have a student to elect and would like to donate, please support our eeCPA community and elect our valued client’s son, Ansel Averitte who is enrolled at Notre Dame Preparatory School! As a refresher, a tax credit allows you to bring down your tax liability dollar-for-dollar with your donation amount. For our current clients, feel free to send us your receipt right away and we will save it for your tax preparation.

If you have your own children, set them up through the Arizona Tuition Connection to receive donations from anyone outside your immediate family. There is no application deadline for signing up your children. After applying, they’ll even create a landing page for your child! It is important to note that income is not used in the application decision as well. Parents of the student will see the donations credited on their next tuition bill after the donation is received by the school. For our current clients, if you sign up your child, please give Sarah, eeCPA team member, a call at 480-596-8299 and we would love to tell our clients to donate to your children as well in our next eeCPA newsletter if you’ll let us!

The story of how we came in contact with Tim is actually very revealing of the great team at Arizona Tuition Connection. Our valued client had asked Elizabeth, eeCPA Founder and Owner, for donations for Ansel Averitte through Arizona Tuition Organization. Elizabeth was able to easily make the donation online shortly after the April 15 tax deadline. Seeing the donation, Tim immediately gave Elizabeth a call, believing she was hoping for the deduction on her 2013 taxes. He wanted to warn her himself that it was made past the April 15 deadline. Elizabeth replied by saying she wasn’t making the donation for the credit but wanted to donate before she forgot! Tim was very surprised and thanked Elizabeth for being the first to donate in the 2014 tax year, admiring her zealous support of a client! This first encounter with Tim and the Arizona Tuition Connection proactively reaching out to us shows their Core Value to “communicate clearly, openly and often” and “strive to build long term relationships”. They are not afraid to give you a simple call to help you in great ways! You will thoroughly enjoy working with this passionate team!

These credits can be confusing! If you have more questions, this Q&A resource on the school tax credits is extremely helpful. Also, if you’re already an eeCPA client, don’t hesitate to give your eeCPA tax preparer a call to answer your unique questions!