5 Reasons Why Accounting is Your Next Best Career Move

October 04, 2023


Whether you are starting an accounting career, pursuing a degree in a relevant field like business or finance or still weighing your degree options — know that the accounting profession is thriving in today’s tech-savvy era like never before.

Far from being a shrinking field due to artificial intelligence (AI), as some misconceptions suggest, this tech is actually amplifying the need for accountants. With tech handling routine tasks, there’s a growing demand for accountants to conduct deeper analysis across industries.

This offers not only abundant opportunities for career growth but also outlines a compelling path for those eager to tap into the industry’s booming potential.

Given this dynamic landscape, it’s crucial to learn and understand what’s needed to navigate the accounting profession confidently. Let’s explore how.

Master the Fundamentals

The accounting profession is in a constant state of evolution, influenced by technological advances, regulatory changes and economic shifts. Yet, the core fundamentals that anchor a successful accounting career stay the same. These include:

  • GAAP and IFRS: These standard rules for financial reporting and accounting ensure accountants produce clear and consistent financial statements.
  • Accounting Software: Knowing how to use tools like QuickBooks or SAP makes data management faster and more accurate.
  • Cybersecurity Awareness: Effectively protecting sensitive data from cyber threats is essential for safeguarding clients’ privacy and your reputation.
  • Data Protection: Using secure methods to keep client information confidential is fundamental for maintaining trust.

Communicate Beyond Numbers

Accounting is more than crunching numbers. It’s about turning complex, technical data into actionable insights. For businesses, especially those with thin margins plotting strategic moves in today’s tight economic climate, understanding the “why” behind these numbers can be the deciding factor between success or failure.

Remember, while clients may not speak “accounting language,” they depend on your expertise to guide their business decisions.

Accounting is a profession rooted in integrity. As such, consistently upholding high standards and aligning decisions with your professional principles is essential. This not only fosters trust among clients but also ensures the excellent reputation of your work.

Pursue Lifelong Learning & Build Connections

In the fast-paced world of accounting, where regulations change and new practices emerge frequently, lifelong learning is a necessity. To excel in this field and adapt to its constant evolution, you must actively engage in professional development. Here are actionable steps to ensure you stay ahead in your career:

  • Pursue Accredited Education: Enrolling in accredited courses promotes a deep and current understanding of complex accounting topics, changes in financial regulations and the latest tools and software shaping the industry.
  • Build Your Network: Regularly attending both in-person and online conferences, workshops and industry-specific events allows you to connect with seasoned professionals, exchange best practices and discuss industry trends.
  • Join Professional Organizations: Becoming a member of a professional organization, like the AICPA, provides a platform for connecting with peers, accessing educational resources and receiving updates on critical industry changes.

Embrace the Future of Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer a futuristic concept — it’s reshaping the accounting profession as we know it. However, a skilled accountant’s discernment is still essential to catching the nuances and potential oversights that AI might miss.

One of the standout benefits of AI in accounting is its capacity to provide exceptional accuracy in data management. However, overreliance on it can lead to errors. Striking the right balance between AI help and human judgement is key. Here’s how AI software is elevating the work of today’s accounting professionals, especially when paired with human eyes:

  • Automated Bookkeeping: Software options like QuickBooks and Zoho Books use AI to automate the process of entering and reconciling transactions, reducing the likelihood of manual errors and saving accountants valuable time.
  • Enhanced Expense Tracking: With AI, tracking expenses becomes a streamlined process. Software can now categorize and record expenses automatically, helping maintain precise and up-to-date records.
  • Tailored Financial Reporting: AI allows accountants to generate custom financial reports with ease, analyzing a business’s specific needs and generating insightful, accurate reports accordingly.

Capitalize on Demand

As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of financial management, the demand for skilled accounting professionals is surging nationwide. In Arizona, the future for accountants looks especially bright.

According to the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity, by 2028, the state is expected to have 12,550 jobs in accounting and auditing. These jobs will be available in various sectors including local businesses, corporate offices of large companies, accounting firms and government offices.

This significant projected growth, along with an influx of companies relocating to the state, position Arizona as a hot spot for new accounting professionals looking to kickstart their career.

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