5 Things to Look for in a Public Accounting Employer

February 11, 2022

5 things the best accounting firms to work for have in common

As a skilled CPA, looking for a new position can be challenging — especially when it comes to finding a firm that’s the right fit. In our book, the best CPA firms to work for prioritize a few key things, and they might not be what you’d expect.

Finding a rewarding career in accounting all starts with asking the right questions. Here are our top five to help you find the best accounting firm for you. 

Looking for a new CPA firm to work for? 5 questions to ask first

When making your list of the best accounting firms to work for, ask yourself the following questions.

1. What does the compensation look like?

Salary is undoubtedly a key factor in deciding whether a position is the right fit. As a CPA, compensation should align with your experience, education level and skill set. Have a conversation with employers about what you can expect in terms of pay and benefits. Is there a bonus system? Do they offer retirement plans? Are there additional benefits like education funding or wellness incentives?

2. Is it possible to have work-life balance?

What if you could work for an accounting firm that prioritizes flexibility and promotes the idea of enjoying life outside of work? If it sounds like a fantasy, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. There are public accounting firms out there that are intentional about making it possible to maintain a healthy work-life balance! It all comes down to finding the right one.

3. Is the firm committed to mentorship and professional development?

Professional development should be a priority in any career, including public accounting. The question is, why wouldn’t you work for an accounting firm that promises professional development and growth opportunities?

Some CPA firms consciously build mentorship and growth opportunities into their business. Some things to explore include: will you be able to meet regularly with senior CPAs or firm executives? How does the firm support ongoing learning? Are there clear paths for advancement within the firm?

4. Will I get to work with clients directly?

At many large accounting firms, the partners manage client relationships while entry-level employees handle the busy work and don’t have clients of their own. But being able to maintain and nurture client relationships is critical to public accounting, and there’s no better way to learn than to have responsibility for your own accounts. Look for CPA firms that will give you clients to manage as you build your own book of business.

5. Is the company culture a good fit?

Values and company culture can be dramatically different from one CPA firm to the next. But we’ve found that the best accounting firms to work for usually have well-established company values, a team-oriented work culture, and a spirit of collaboration. Make a list of your own professional values as you’re beginning your search and then look for firms that are compatible. Don’t be afraid to turn down an opportunity if your gut tells you it isn’t a good fit.

How to choose an accounting firm to work for

What if you worked for a firm that made you feel valued and supported everyday? That’s what we strive to offer our accountants at eeCPA. From extraordinary compensation and bonus opportunities, to flexible schedules and an emphasis on work-life balance, we prioritize the growth and happiness of our CPAs. Because we believe that until you love people, money doesn’t matter.

If you’re looking to work for an accounting firm that encourages autonomy and promotes internal growth, we’d love to hear from you[1] . We’re currently looking to add new, qualified accountants to our in-house team.

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