CEO Elizabeth Hale Discusses Transformative Business & What it’s Like to Run an Unconventional CPA Firm on AICPA Podcast

April 24, 2024

AICPA Small Firm Philosophy

The American Institute of CPAs® (AICPA) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants® (CIMA) recently interviewed eeCPA CEO Elizabeth Hale about the success of her company, as well as what it takes to transform a business to meet the needs of the current and rapidly evolving accounting field.

AICPA podcast host Erin Hartman, CPA and Manager of Firm Services for Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS), kicked off the discussion by mentioning eeCPA’s website tagline, “We do tax and accounting differently and we’re proud to be an unconventional CPA firm that puts people first.”

The eeCPA pull quote was an apropos tie-in to PCPS’s Transforming Your Business Model Initiative, intended to help firms identify – and find solutions – for improvable aspects of their business models.

“Our mission is to try to truly hear what clients are trying to say and to try to help them discover what’s needed to implement a solution,” said Elizabeth. “We try to save them time and save them money, but we also partner with them to help them grow their business and their profitability.”

Elizabeth also spoke to the inner-transformative aspect of eeCPA, explaining that she always wanted a firm focused on “businesses, entrepreneurs, family office, commercial, real estate development and investors” – and a culture that didn’t require extensive overtime.

“[Our employees] have banks of hours and typically net zero overtime,” said Elizabeth, something she says is crucial in preventing burnout.

From there, Erin and Elizabeth covered a variety of additional topics including what it’s like to have a younger workforce; squarely looking at some of the disparities in the public accounting education system; the value of subscription-based billing and much more.

“I think the future of accounting is so bright,” said Elizabeth. “Businesses are hungry. They need help. They need a partner. They need someone that they feel like they can rely on. There is a commitment to that.”

Listen to the full AICPA podcast to learn more about eeCPA’s transformative approach to business.