In Business Spotlights CEO
Elizabeth Hale’s Journey from Doer to Mentor

June 05, 2023

The entrepreneur’s journey often entails not only pursuit of business growth — but personal growth, as well. That’s been true for eeCPA CEO and founder Elizabeth Hale, whose story was profiled recently in In Business, where she shared her approach on how she successfully grew her business taking it to new heights.

In the early days, Elizabeth preferred to jump in and do the work herself like many entrepreneurs. She eventually learned this approach held her back from growing her business to its fullest potential. Although she was engaged with her clients, her employees needed more hands-on support to build the skills to succeed.

Seeing the challenges, she sought advice and support from other business leaders who had experienced the same, as well as from the global entrepreneur network, Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Armed with new skills, support and resources, Elizabeth implemented changes to improve how she supported her team, empowering them and fueling their desire to succeed.

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