Not Just a Number Cruncher: Phoenix Business Journal Highlights CEO Elizabeth Hale as Accounting Industry Trailblazer

August 08, 2023

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Accounting is about more than just the numbers – something Elizabeth Hale exemplifies across everything she does as eeCPA’s Founder and CEO.

In a recent Phoenix Business Journal profile, Elizabeth shares how her unconventional approach in a commonly conventional industry has made eeCPA a highly sought-after accounting partner to its clients. A pioneering force in the accounting industry, Elizabeth and her expert accounting team combine entrepreneurial spirit and technological innovation to serve as a reliable steward of clients’ financial success.

Beyond creating stellar client experiences, her fervent dedication to revamping the accounting landscape is evident through her ambition to enhance apprenticeship-style educational pathways for budding accountants. Elizabeth envisions a future where traditional learning seamlessly integrates with hands-on experience, fostering a new generation of highly skilled professionals. Her visionary approach seeks to bridge the gap between academia and practicality, equipping emerging accountants with the skills and insights necessary to excel in a rapidly evolving and high-demand financial world.

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